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Daniel William Hoffmann, AIA Architect

Forty years of experience working with residential, commercial and civic clients has taught me that the building process, while often stressful, can be a challenging, exciting, and rewarding endeavor for everyone involved. This is especially true for the clients, as they watch their dreams crystallize into detailed plans and materialize into a built environment — one that meets their own special needs and expresses their individual personalities. The challenge of the design process is in working with the clients to identify that which is unique and special about their goals, and then, balancing the competing elements of cost, quality and size to achieve a satisfying result.

My Taos residence was included in Sarah Susanka's second book, Creating The Not So Big House (Taunton Press). My residence is also included in Taunton Press's book, The Inspired House by John Connell. These books are very informative prior to beginning the design of your new home. The recently published, Barefoot House by Marc Vassallo, includes my guest house as an example of informal indoor/outdoor living.

I enjoy talking to out-of-towners who are planning to visit Taos and/or relocate here. Please call or email me.


  • The cost of building in Taos
  • The advantages of authentic adobe construction
  • Alternatives to adobe, such as pumice-crete, Rastra or straw bale
  • The joys and sorrows of remodeling an old adobe building
  • Energy savings with passive solar design
  • Building “off the grid”
  • Weather and other environmental considerations
  • Architectural fees
  • Alternatives to hiring an architect
  • The cost of living in Taos
  • Where to stay and where to eat in Taos when you visit